August 06, 2017

Family Dinner

(The Elders in our ward today.)
I believe in family dinner.

I'm SO excited for Jakob to serve a mission.  He is ready. I am ready.

But, I just get choked up at the little "lasts".

Tonight I made a one minute Instagram video of everyone sitting around the dinner table.  Our last Sunday dinner together for at least three years because Drew will be gone when Jakob gets home.

While I'm typing this Ellie is braiding Anna's hair trying to copy a picture she's looking at from Pinterest.  Ellie is telling Anna "You could let me do your hair everyday for school and you'd look so cute.  You're almost 16 do t you want to date guys?"

My years and years of wrangling little kids to Church is almost over.  Those years have been hard and wonderful.  

Today my 6 oldest kids all bore sweet, powerful testimonies.  They feel God in their lives. I love that.

I'm standing here on the edge of another milestone. An era of eight kids at home is coming to an end.  It was a good era.

Life's seasons are sacred.
I know it.
Life is good. 


Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

My "lasts" are beginning, too.

I hope your new seasons are filled with new joys and many firsts!!

Diane said...

We've reached that point too.My oldest leaves for her mission in two weeks and my second is off to college 2 weeks later. My second will likely be off on her mission 6 months before the oldest gets home and my third will likely be off and on his mission 5 months before my second gets home, and by then we expect a wedding or two. The fun party has changed.

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