May 06, 2019

My Anna- Junior Prom 101

As prom was approaching, I just felt in my heart that my Anna needed a little extra TLC. This Junior year time of transition is such an exciting and life-defining time. It is also a time when mothers and daughters/ parents and teens, are learning the dance of letting go and reeling in.

This year, Junior Prom was a big deal for Anna. I could feel it. She wanted to feel pretty. It didn’t look like she would have a boy to take her to prom, from her small school or even smaller church group. This broke my heart more than hers. I was so glad she has the best group of girlfriends to go with! I really wanted Anna to see herself the way I see her. And honestly, Anna is really, really the most genuine, caring, graceful, beautiful, lovely lady. I couldn’t love or respect her more. 

We tried on so many dresses! Anna did not want black or navy. She wanted gold or white to go along with a Greek-themed prom.
She found her dress in Macy’s (Todd, Anna, and I had a prom-dress date night in February).
 The day before prom she told me that everyone was coming to our house for pictures. So, we moved furniture to give them a blue wall background and I bought snacks for a buffet so the parents would stay after prom to chat and eat.
The BEST thing we did for prom was that my friend, a photographer, came over and took pictures of all the kids! I will forever cherish these beautiful pictures.

Yes, Junior Prom was a success. I was so tired from chaperoning the after-prom party until 3am... but, I saw my little girl transform into a young woman in one afternoon.
SHE saw her own beauty and that, in my opinion, was so important. 

From this...

To this...

Man, I love this lady. Watching my children grow is a sweet joy and a gift I will never take lightly. 

Life is good! 

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