December 21, 2011

a mother's prayer.

i take moments with my children.
moments where my heart is swelling and my body pulses with hope for the sweet souls in my stewardship.
my heart beats with concern and dreams and awe for these individual souls i am learning to parent.

i have found a joyful habit of prayer as i'm close to my little ones.
it has become a sweet habit of mine.
as i nurse my precious baby, i pray over her...
i pray as i caress her, wondering if she can feel the love in my touch.
each day, my prayers change, but my hope is constant

i pray for her head that she will learn wisdom, that she will know right from wrong...
i pray for her eyes that she will see good in the examples of her siblings and recognize danger as she crawls near the stairs.
i pray that her nose will smell, that her mouth will be filled with healthy and good things.  
that she won't eat things that will harm her (like beads or pennies).
i pray for her sweet cheeks that they will be chunky and smiling.
that her ears will hear the depth of my love, the fullness of His love, the goodness of a happy family.
i pray that her arms will carry her forward, that she will be soft and kind, that she will explore and learn.
i pray that her heart will be full of love.  that she will breathe easily and dispel sickness.
i pray that her stomach will digest the food she eats, that her bowels will be soft and that she will be healthy.
i pray that her legs will be strong and carry her to good places.
i thank God for her silky skin, for her beauty and i consecrate her to Him.

i do the same as i sit near my teenage boys.
as i scruff their spiked gelled hair, i pray for them.
silently and strongly.
i wonder if they feel my dreams and aspiration.
it feels good for me to give sentence to my heart's desires.
as i give their hands a squeeze i pray that God will use their hands for goodness.
when they are rude to their sisters, i gently put my hand under their chin and i pray that their mouths will be filled with kindness.
sometimes i speak the words, "Oh Drew, you have such power in your words, i hope you always use your mouth for good."
sometimes i just feel my prayer, "Please God, help him to hear the words he is speaking.  Help him to feel the influence he has.  Help him to learn to control the strength of his soul."

at the end of the day, when my bigger girls lean next to me while i read a bedtime story,
i run my fingers through their hair, and i pray for them... 
it is fun for me to think of all i wish for them and all i'm grateful for.

at nap time, when my littler girls are having a hard time falling asleep, i rub their hair and their faces tracing my finger over their eyes and noses and ears and lips and chin.
as i tickle their back, i'm praying for them.
and, i pray for me too.
please bless my mind to be clear and free from despair.
bless my eyes to see the goodness in each child.
bless my ears to hear the whisper of the spirit.
bless my mouth to always speak love.
bless my nose to help me notice one who needs some mothering care.
bless my heart to feel full of love.
bless my arms to serve continually.  
to do good and avoid waste.
bless my shoulders to always carry an easy yoke, to feel Christ beside me helping me on my way.
bless my legs to run, to serve, to be active and playful.
bless my hormones to fill me with joy.
help me to love my husband and love my children naturally.
as i lay near my children, i pray for us... and i feel eternity surrounding us.
i feel angels listening and teaching me and reminding me that all is well.
reminding me that I am His child.  
That He loves me and has prayed for me and has endowed me with great power.
That because of Him, I will be enough.
reminding me that my child is really His child.
That He loves them and has prayed for them and has created them full of goodness and potential and power to become everything He needs them to be.

i'm not sure what my children will grow up to be.
but, i know that they will face the world armed with a mother's prayer.
and i know, there is power in a mother's prayer.  
There is power in a Father's answer.
He is with us.
i just know it.
my mother's prayers are sacred and holy.
i share this blog reverently.
because they have blessed my life.
what a blessing it is to learn to mother...

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VikiViki said...

Beautiful post! You have a way with words and your kids are lucky to have you as a mother!

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