December 22, 2011

santa baby.

the elves are hard at work.
we are cooking and cleaning for our party tomorrow night (we have 10 families RSVPed)!
if you have a great holiday recipe let me know.
do you think it's bad if i'm just doing appetizer/treat things no main dish?
i have punch and homemade egg nog and apple cider.
many savory things and many sweet things...
but just fill your plate goodness, not main dish goodness.
our party is from 5-7pm.
i thought of making italian stuffed shells- but i just think it will be a mess.

i have a table in the basement for the kids to cut out snowflakes and tape them all over our windows/sliding glass door.

i plan on making everyone sing some Christmas carols... from our Christmas Song Book (i posted it here).
because that is my favorite thing about Christmas.

my home will be fine.
my children are planning on sleeping in curlers tonight and dressing up in church clothes for the party.
i put silver aluminum foil-ish icicles on my christmas tree-- and i love them.
i'm baking today and making todd hang the family wall i've been wanting in my basement.
life is good.

merry christmas!


Tiffany said...

I LOVE that you are doing this huge-o party tomorrow! Good luck, and it sounds WONDERFUL!

Just for comparison, we had to go to a fancy-ish work thing for my own professor last Saturday at someone's house... and it was TOTALLY hors d'oeuvres & a few "treats", plus drinks. JUST LIKE YOU GUYS! (Okay, there may have been more alcohol than what you're offering, but still:-)) My point? You are right on target w/out the main dish, and so trend-aware. (Hee! :-)) Miss you!!!

CTR Mama said...

Good luck tonight! I'm sure it will be great. You make me want to go and talk to my neighbors!

Lindsey said...

Way to go you for listening to the Spirit when it tells you to have a huge party, even when it makes your season a little crazier. The prep stuff looks fantastic. And no, just having appetizers and treats is NOT weird. It's awesome. Hope it went beautifully!

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