September 23, 2009

the ducks were calling...

the professor is out of town and... the ducks were calling.
it was a beautiful night.
so, after music lessons, we headed to a "lake" for a picnic leah shared her dinner with the ducks.
i sat on the blanket with lily and the kids explored. it was quiet, and beautiful, and lovely. then, ellie fell in. yes, she really did slip. but, it wasn't accidental that she was in the water in the first place no, she didn't ask if she could get wet. no, i wasn't mad cause it was really funny my sweet ellie always keeps life fun!!
even cold and wet she was so cute and smiley, we all kinda wanted to jump in with her.
well, maybe just get our feet wet. leah was not happy when she slipped in. i love this picture of leah's daring rescue. i love jakob, kissing leah's head. cute kids.
they had so much fun, just being outside why don't we do this more? cautious, careful, anna was not so happy when she slipped in by now i was waiting for the police to show up and arrest me "sorry officer, they ALL just slipped in."
nope. not the night i had planned. yes. i was a little "sound of music-those are my kids in the trees" embarrassed but. watching their joy brought me joy. overflowing joy. and i'm so grateful for the beautiful land that i live in for the family i love and for a God who is always with us. i'm so grateful for magical moments when the ducks call.


Lanette said...

Love it.

yomomma said...

i had to laugh when i got a message from my good friend, Taneil, it said, "Hello Jen, where are you? Out playing with ducks or something?"
love her.

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