August 30, 2011

primary chair covers.

i sewed again.
i know.  twice in one week... can you believe it?
these are chair covers for our primary (the children's Sunday school class).
i made one for each class, and one for the talk, scripture and prayer.
i measured the white square 15x18.  i cut a 5" strip for the bottom that i folded in half and sewed to the top square (so there would be a finished bottom) and then I just sewed a pillowcase.
the backs are red, yellow, and blue.
i used No-Sew Heat n Bond for the letters and numbers (it saved me a lot of sewing time- and, i don't think they will need to be washed often).
i used the font Bodoni (I think 1200 size).
i printed everything mirror imaged.
I had to cut a sheet of paper 8.5 by 12 and feed it through my printer to get the numbers big enough.
Then I just traced them onto the Heat n Bond, ironed, cut, ironed again and Tah Dah!
don't you just love to make things?


beckyjune said...

those turned out great, Jen. Their Primary is so lucky to have you!

Lanette said...

I love them! They look, bright and totally happy! The kids are going to be so excited when they get to primary on sunday. Nice work, Jen. Seriously, they are awesome!

I wish I could RIP OUT our mini-pews in primary and have chairs with cute chair covers...maybe then our primary could have some boundaries and keep their hands, feet, and mouths to themselves. They make great hurdles, let me tell ya. Can you tell I have some pent-up frustration with the matter:)?

p.s. sorry about not getting that scout stuff to you. I'm giving myself some computer time today and it WILL get done. Thanks for being patient. XOXO. Oh, and tell Anna, Aunt Net is SO VERY PROUD of her.

Raechal said...

My friend found your cute chair covers and directed me to your blog. And low and behold, I know your sister Lanette from college! Too funny! Your chair covers are completely adorable. We're making new ones for our primary, so thanks for the great inspiration!

Raechal said...

*sister in law, I guess....

Jennifer said...

I've been looking for primary chair covers and fell in LOVE with these! Do you have the clip art for the ctr shield you used in the background for the helper chairs? Thanks!

Kimberly said...

Hello, dear friend! I googled primary chair covers and look what I found...YOU! Of course, I am not surprised, my ever lovely and talented friend.
Hope you are doing well!

jenifer said...

Oooh- I don't think I do have that. Did you try googling Ctr PDF? Good luck.

jenifer said...

How fun! I'm sure your chair covers will be adorable!

G-Lo said...

I saw on pinterest your primary chair covers and as I saw your profile, it says you live in Tully, New York. I was so excited because you just don't see people from Tully, NY every day! My family lived in Tully for 3.5 years back in 1992-1996 - there was even a Tully branch that I have heard doesn't exist anymore. I was a teenager then. We lived in Gatehouse Road if you know where that is. We miss lots of things there!

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