January 30, 2012

through my lens.

after writing a comment (or three) on my friend's blog about my efficient laundry system,
i found myself in my own small laundry room surrounded by a mountain of laundry.
should i admit that those are CLEAN clothes?
i had just put lily down for her nap and was supposed to be embarking on my own quiet, movie watching, laundry folding marathon..
didn't happen.
knowing HOW to do something doesn't always transfer to actually "gittin er done".
perhaps i should say, as i am "gittin er done", life happens.
and life is not laundry.
i thought i'd snap a picture to show her how my pile of clothes was just about bigger than my youngest child.
and then i just kept taking pictures...
of my fish making five year old.
and Daizie Pinky Pan-a-cake (who sometimes wishes she was back at the humane society).
how they all migrate to me when i walk into the room and make me feel like a superstar.
can i have an orange mom?
full of wonder...
ooh... where is that orange eating five year old?
and her trusty side-kick?
look mom!  i can cut by myself!
(my kids have skills... and safe knife choices.)
speaking of trusty side-kicks...
daizie looks at me with her puppy dog eyes before she runs from the baby monster...
she is so fast she is blurry in almost every picture i take without a flash inside my house.
that baby is a mover!
leah teaching daizie not to run from the baby...
what a sweet doggie.

my laundry isn't finished... and my windows are dirty.
i don't know why?
can i ride my bike?
in the oregon rain?
how i love being a mother.
there is joy seeing my life through a lens.
my laundry didn't get finished.
it never will.
laundry, it will be there tomorrow.
these babies won't.
how i will miss them...
life is good.


Heather said...

well - i am glad to know you're normal. :) i definitely agree with the knowing how to do something right vs actually getting it done. that's tricky.

i still have to figure out a solution for our laundry. sigh... i think it requires work and i just don't want to make it happen.

thanks for your comment on downton abbey. that did help me understand. it's kind of like the star wars thing... such evil vs the good. good always wins!

Heather said...

oh - and i love the blow fish on the window. too funny.

beckyjune said...

Oh boy can I ever relate.

Life seems to happen over and over and over. Right now Hailey is throwing up, I'm trying to convince Sarah to get dressed for school, Aimee is still asleep (yay!) and Lily is singing in her bed trying to talk me into getting her up even though we just put her back to bed. There is a pile of clean clothes on the couch...still...but at least they're sorted into kids' piles and it's clean. One of these days it will get put away. Something else always seems to come first. Have a great day, Jen, and tell your cute family hi for us.

jenifer said...

Becky you make me laugh... Typing a comment while your daughter is throwing up! :) hope your day got better!!

And, I keep cringing over the knife picture. We really have given Leah many knife safety lessons. She has been helping me chop celery and carrots for a few months now and always cuts her own food at dinner. (We start with pancakes and butter knives.). But, the picture still look a bit crazy I know.

Marie said...

Hi Jen! I think this is one of my many faves! Your photos today just made me smile... over and over. Seriously, TEETHING already? Dirty windows? Pffft! You're right --- all that will wait. Babies grow up toooo fast!


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