November 02, 2009

mom Agenda... love it

So, at the beginning of the school year I was trying to find myself a planner... to be my brain.
I had just learned the phrase-- Use your brain for solving problems and PAPER for remembering.
But, i kept putting my remembering on paper and then not remembering where my paper was.
Not so good.
So, I used my brain for problem solving and decided I need a good, brain worthy, planner.

My favorite up till that point was a folded in half piece of computer paper or an index cards.
(I still often stick a piece of computer paper in my planner and I still love index cards.)

I looked and looked for a planner.  I wanted MONTHLY and WEEKLY, and I wanted space to write my flimsy stuff as well as my fixed stuff.  And, I don't like specific times, cause my life works best when I write down an ORDER not a SCHEDULE.  I can do broad times, not specific.

NOTHING.  I was surprised how many stores I looked through and how many dumb planners I found.  Until I found MomAgenda.  I thought it was HORRIBLY EXPENSIVE, I debated, and finally I bought one... I think I spent around $60 when I added the pockets for the front and back, shopping lists, and to do list stuff.  (To me it was like $600.)

Honestly....  IT IS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!
Now they're on sale for $31!!!   Here is the link if you're interested.
I love it.
And, it NEVER forgets. 

(note:: i don't think you need the extra stuff... like the pockets... if i need to i just stick a paper inside and it's fine.  And, I like printing out a meal  plan/shopping list from the computer that way you don't have to re-write it every single week.)


corrie said...

oh baby! That looks cool.

Tiffany said...

YAY--thanks for posting the link. (And how cool is that that they are on SALE?! [Maybe I'm living right after all... haha:-)]) And thanks for posting a pic of the smoothies, too...

*sigh* Still on a high from our chat yesterday. And I did dishes AND laundry this morning before 10 a.m. HUGE (and sad that it's so huge!) for me. Plus, I think my own professor was motivated last night after I talked to him. We'll see... but in the meantime... YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

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