December 18, 2009

a note to Mrs. Clauses everywhere...

Dearest Mrs. Claus...

thanks for caring about Christmas and giving joy to those you love!
thanks for planning and dreaming your December days!
thanks for shopping sales and TRYING to squeeze every bit of goodness out of your holiday budget!
thank you for listening and probing and trying to discover what will make each child's eyes glow with wonder on Christmas morning.
thank you for reaching out... for thinking of your friends, your neighbors, your extended family, the sick and afflicted around the world.
thank you for always wishing you could do more.
thank your for TRYING to create a home of peace amidst the Christmas chaos.
thank you for remembering the reason for the season, the little babe born in Bethleham years ago.
thank you for TRYING to keep things wonderful, magical and simple.
thank you for wishing you could give more when you hear the jingle bells of the Salvation Army.
thank you for the cupcakes, gallon of Orange juice, 22 stocking stuffers, 19 stocking stuffers, 24 stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, $5 for one pizza party, $2 for another, green tinted icing, cookies, that you send to school...
thank you for running to the store at the last minute when you forgot the chocolate milk.
thank you for packing suitcases (twice) for traveling...
thank you for smiling when you forgot the church shoes.
thank you for caring about christmas cards and christmas traditions.
thank you for TRYING not to be cranky when you're tired.
thank you for the 100 christmas parties that you did go to, with your little elves...
thank you for the line you waited in to see Santa Claus and Poncho Claus, even when the babies scream for 20 minutes after.
thank you for the tree sparkling and decorated... don't worry about the stockings that are lost.

and, even if your dreams are greater than your ability... that's because you care... and WISH you could do more.
(NOT because you didn't plan well enough.)
and, if your money runs thin, and Santa is cranky...
just know that it is because you think of everyone and you care.
you give your gold, frankincense, and myrrh and you would give all you have (and all you wish you had) to those you love.
christmas is magical because of what you've done, because of what you are doing, because of who you are.
Christmas morning will be magical.
and, your family is blessed by your efforts.
many are blessed by your efforts.

so, don't listen to the grinch who whispers in your ear that you aren't enough because you wish you could do more.
you are great.
and.  thank you.

with love,
the elves!

ps.  you might like this book, A bit of Applause for Mrs. Claus
’Twas the night after Christmas
and time for a pause;
Collapsed in the corner
Sat tired Mrs. Claus.

The stockings were crooked,
The house was a mess;
The tree had tipped over
She couldn’t care less…

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Rebekah said...


Way to go, Mrs. Claus!

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