January 24, 2010


as i've been studying the creation story again, i've been born again, again.

i know that God lives.  that He organized and created the universe, the atmosphere, the rocks, the waters, the animals and man.
He is a God.
and yet, in all His Greatness, He knows me.  He knows my name, He knows my strengths and my weakness, and... He talks to me.
Little things, like "turn right here" when i'm late.  big things like, "you are mine.  you are good.  you are loved.  we can do it together." when my house is a mess, and i've damaged my children's self esteem with my impatience.
God whispers to my heart... love them, hold them, teach them, forgive them.
He teaches me... to forget my list and serve others, to remember the people, the relationships.
He helps me to see and to love and to feel the joy.

i am in awe of my God and my Savior.  and, knowing that they can know and love ALL of their millions and thousands of creations, gives me hope that they can help me know and love my six.

yes.  i believe in creation.  i believe in a creator.  i am loved by a Father, a Heavenly Father.
and today, i'm grateful.

i love this quote by Elder Russell M. Nelson... 
"Could an explosion in a printing shop produce a dictionary?  It's unthinkable!  One might argue that it is within a remote realm of possibility, but even if that could happen, such a dictionary could certainly not heal its own torn pages, renew its own own worn corners, or reproduce its own subsequent editions. We are children of God, created by him and formed in his image."

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Steph said...

Thanks for sharing. You words made me stop and think.

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