January 26, 2010


Ellie has strep.
and, Thank Goodness Its Strep...
because, she was KILLIN' me.
full on 1st grade tantrum because she changed her mind and wanted a different piece of German Pancakes.
super nanny bedtimes
big battles over wearing SHORTS and FLIP FLOPS to school in the middle of winter.
i ALMOST gave her away.
my constant prayer last week-- please help me to LOVE this child.

and then, her throat started to hurt.
and, her brains started to hurt.
and... MY brains started to hurt.
we went to the doctor and... STREP.  real-live strep.
i've never had a kid with strep before, but i do remember my brothers getting it a lot.
i remember my mom telling me that they would be HORRIBLE the week before and just when she was about to beat them, they would come down with a fever... strep every time.

so, today, i'm thanking God it was STREP.
and still praying for love!!
patience and love.
(i asked the doctor for an antibiotic that would last till she is 18!)

ps.  THIS is what Anna wore to school today.
Seriously, my mother should have NEVER let me play with dolls.  because, dolls you could dress the way you want... girls-- THEY COME WITH A MIND OF THEIR OWN.
patience and love.

love it!??

1 comment:

corrie said...

You should see some of the stuff Erin has worn to preschool lately! Madleine still asks me to pick out her clothes. I learned too late to back off and let them develop into herself. Erin will have a style that she loves. Modesty I will require. Matchy matchy...only if she wants.
I'm pretty sure everyone knows she picked it out herself...

I think Anna looks adorable. The smile brings it all together.

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