February 22, 2010

44 wipes.

leah came to tell me that lily had poop.
i was going to change her.
in a minute.

i was just going to check my blog REAL QUICK
and then i started reading cjane and nienie and mymixof6 and linked over to a cool free online photography school.

no worries... leah helped.

44 wipes!
lily's bum was shiny clean.
leah explained,
"mom, she had a lot of poop in her bum.
i wiped her.
i promise.  it was really gross.
mom, she loves leah. sure she does!!"

(this is one of my favorite pictures EVER.  can't you just imagine poor lily trying to escape while leah chased her with another wipe?!-- 44 times!!)
yup.  lily does love leah.  and so do i.
i'm grateful for all my little helpers.
i told leah, "great job."
she smiled.
"just don't ever do that again, ok?"
"yeah" she laughed, "that's only for moms."


Jenni Taysom said...

that is really funny, and really gross.

Lanette said...

I love that picture, too. So funny...

ashley said...

oh how i love her... {chuckling a lot}

love you too.

Yayi said...

soooooooooooooo funny! you just made my day with such a hilarious comment!

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