February 11, 2010

an heirloom.

the professor lived with his grandfather after his mission.
his grandmother gee had passed away and his grandfather passed on an heirloom.
Grandma Gee's floral temple bag.

the professor used and LOVED this bag until his own mother, Grandma Gee's daughter, happened to see it when she was visiting. 
(only a real man can could use this bag for 14 years)
under the tree, on Christmas morning, the professor received his own, plain black, temple bag.

i inherited the beauty.
i LOVE it.
my mother's mother (although she was catholic and had never been inside a mormon temple) sewed the white dress i wear in the temple before she passed away.
i think of her every time i wear it.
and now, i smile and think of the professor's grandma, as i tote my stylin' bag.
thanks grandmas!
(isn't that bag great?!)

1 comment:

Lanette said...

I'd totally forgotten about that! It's perfect for you...all vintage-y and cute. what a great idea. Nice thinking.

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