February 06, 2010


my sister-in-law lanette has 4 boy-boys.
and, they are always getting holes in their knees.
she asked me for some patching ideas...
this is what i found.
1.  This is my FAVORITE idea.  i hate that you can't really see this picture... they are SOOO cute.  here is the link... the patches are made from RAILROAD JEANS (you know, the blue and white striped little boy overalls).  IF you can find some cute patterned jeans at DI, just cut the patch and sew a straight line around the edges.  you don't have to worry about fraying... it's actually cuter frayed.

2. you could do a two-square patch, like these, i personally like the idea of using different jean fabrics, but if you want to do something besides jeans, red looks good.

3. you could leave the hole on the front and just sew a colored piece of fabric underneath.  anything you do would be cute, plaid, polka-dot, camo, etc.  Again, just put the fabric under the hole and sew a square around the hole to attach it.  my sister gave me a pair of jeans from express last summer, and they had holes in the knee.  when i bent my leg you could see that there was BLACK LACE behind the hole.  this is a subtle, cute patch idea.
5.  bandanas are kinda cute for boys, you can find all different colors.  
overall... i would just use a different pair of jeans and let the edges of the patch fray.  i don't think you need any iron on adhesive or anything, just pin it and sew a square... if the pants won't slide onto your sewing machine ask some other sewing friends, my machine has a really small bottom so i can slide on tiny arms and pant legs.  i would use light brown or light blue thread.


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