February 16, 2010

i'd make this...

if... i didn't have 6 kids.
if... i weren't TRYING to plan a 5k for PTA.
if... i had a maid.
if... i didn't already have 20,000 projects started.
if... i were a speed-crocheter. or a more experienced crocheter.
if... i didn't think it would cost me $200 and many hours picking out yarn.
if... i weren't certain i'd get to block number 61 and stop... leaving the unfinished squares in my "to finish" pile.
if... i were a grandmother.
if... i were going to my in-laws for a month and needed a small take along project for the car.
if... it shows up in my dreams the next few nights and on the spur of the moment i'm looking at the pattern and i accidentally push "buy it"
then, i would make this--
don't you love it?
you can download the pattern here for only $6.
and... if you do download the pattern, and decide to make one, can you make two?
everyone NEEDS a granny square afghan in their house.
and, i need six, to pass down to my children. 
cause really, i'd make this.
if only...


Lanette said...

That is so stinkin' cute. I want one, or four, too. Wow. You could totally do it, Jen.

Anonymous said...

I started a beautiful, complicated granny square blanket while pregnant with Joey, and then once I had him, it didn't seem right (too frilly somehow)...I never finished it. I have lots of granny square patterns if you want one..Sandra

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