February 01, 2010

i'm gonna miss this...

it was afterschool time.
some were on the piano, some were doing chores, one was playing the violin...
i was mixing cornbread for dinner tonight and washing dishes from cookies this afternoon
and, my babies were near me.  i always have someone close.

i love the high chair stage.  especially when they are old enough for frozen peas and cheerios.
lily likes to hang with me.  she's happy in her seat as long as she can see me.
today, i was dancing around, every now and then i'd look at lily and she'd bob her head to the beat and we'd both laugh.
together, even while she sat in her highchair and i was doing...
leah is near.
she laughs and copies lily and helps stir and always licks the beaters, even when it's gross, raw egg, cornbread beaters.

and, i remembered that it's not always going to be like this.
i'm not always going to have someone close.
someday, i'll be alone in my kitchen.
and, i'm going to miss this.

honestly, writing this post made me cry.
i have the BEST job ever.

1 comment:

Yayi said...

I agree!! we should always thank our husbands for the sacrifice they make so we get to enjoy our little ones!!!
wonderful post Jen!!!

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