February 04, 2010

little girls shirts... refashioned.

these pictures aren't great.  but, i just thought i'd post one of my christmas projects.
my girls needed long sleeve shirts to head to idaho... so, i had the professor pick up some plain justice tee's (he got them on sale for $5...)
and i added some embellishments.  it only took one night.
and, they have pant issues.
namely, they hate them.
ellie needs her pants to be "long enough" which means they have to drag on the floor.
so, i made them a couple of skirts (i just sewed the skirt right onto a pair of jean cut-offs).
and, i added some ruffles to pants that they wouldn't wear.
not my most lovely craft ever, but very functional for my dysfunctional dressers.

this was the page that i printed out of ideas i found on the internet.
sorry, these are all totally copied... i know the rainbow is from meg deurskan... not sure the rest.
these are the justice shirts and edited pants.
and here is the skirt sewn right over jean cut-offs.
they're cute, but honestly, i think i made the skirts too long. 
please don't tell my girls that i said that.


Tiffany said...

CUTE!!! Seriously, you did a great job. Of course, I think that about pretty much everything you do, so please don't discount the compliment... but they really ARE impressive!!!

Steph said...

I'm thinking my boys would not appreciate it if I did this to their clothes?

Yayi said...

You are my role model!!! I have gone to a thousand blogs with cute projects, and I just get to drool looking at them. No talent over here to sew!!!

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