February 19, 2010


i was thinking about "perfect" this morning as i was getting ready.
(full length mirrors will do that for you)
i believe that we will be resurrected in our "perfect" form.
so, does that mean that my nose will be smaller, my chest will be bigger, my bum will be smoother?
what really will "perfect" look like on me?
sometimes, perfect seems imperfect.
and imperfect is perfect.

i have issues with people's perception of Christ- perfect.
we sing, "he never got vexed when the games went wrong" and, i don't know.
can a child be perfect and still get vexed?
when i write a book, (no, not really), i want to write about Christ as a PERFECT CHILD. 
because, i think it would surprise most of us, exactly what a PERFECT, strong-spirited, half-God, half-BOY, would be like.
i think He climbed the walls in his little home.
i think He ate dirt.
i think He wandered and explored and watched and sometimes had a hard time going to sleep when Mary tucked him in at 8pm each night.
i know he was "perfect" i'm just not sure "perfect" is what we imagined it to be.

why do little babies seem perfect?
even when they are born very imperfect, there is a perfection about their imperfection.
at what age does cute chubby baby start to be not cute?
because, i know where my kids get their adorable, dimpled bum cheeks...

1 comment:

Rachel Ure said...

that is a cute bum ( so i guess iam saying your bum must be cute too!)
funny- i was JUST this morning singing "jesus once was a little child" to mia and thought, "Do we really know that Jesus never got vexed?" no joke. I didn't then go as far to as to picture him eating dirt, but i think the best kids do.

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