March 01, 2010

i love play doh.

i love play doh.
love it.
everyday, all day.
the professor does not love play doh.
that's why I'm the mommy.
i always say yes.
in all fairness, the professor does not like play doh because he is the one that cleans it out of the carpet.
i say yes, but i don't always clean it out of the carpet.
step one...
step two...
step three... 
(lily's picture is accompanied with straining grunts... she always acts like it is SO hard for her to stick her finger in the play doh...)

love it!!
yup.  i REALLY love play doh.


valerie in TX said...

goodness, and you even make your own? is there anything you don't do? :)

Rachel Ure said...

she doesn't judge others... :)

jenifer said...

Balance my CHECKBOOK.
Submit bylaws and standing rules to the state. (should have been done months ago...)
Clean my toilets.
Brush my kids’ teeth.
Adopt kids from Kenya.

Steph said...

I'm with Heather (above). Can I get your playdough recipe? It looks lucious. My playdough looks sick and anemic next to those bright colors. Does the Wilton coloring stain like a monster?

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