March 21, 2010

new heights.

the professor and the boys went on a two-night camping trip with the boyscouts.
i was a bit nervous for them... they were by far the youngest there... and, there was a BIG hike.
the BIGGEST mountain in Texas.
yes.  they DO have mountains in Texas...
Mount Guadeloupe.
9000 ft high!!

i love camp-outs.
i love boy scouts.
i love that my boys have a dad that is an eagle scout.
i love that he takes them camping.
i love that he is so proud that his tent was staked so well it didn't blow over.
i love texas scenery... so different from my virginia roots.
i love that my boys are tuff.  they did it.  9 miles (4.5 up-hill, 4.5 down-hill).
i love that the professor DIED... even though he's been a diligent exerciser... it's always good to be reminded of our age.  :)
i love that they got caught in a 60 mile per hour wind storm (i try to tell west texan's that in the rest of the world, wind mph's are NOT part of the weather report... i'm not sure that they believe me.)
i love that they woke up to SNOW.
builds memories.
and, builds good, strong boys.

[here at home we had a rockin' st. patty's day party- a day late, and watched Shirley Temple's Little Princess, while wearing green wigs.  come to find out, green hair is a VERY important part of a st. patty's day party...  that builds sweet, sensitive, tap-dancing girls- who will someday hike guadeloupe peak. :)]


Lanette said...

That looks like also looks cold, which isn't fun. I'm just thinking about all the great memories they made on that trip. Cool. I like to see the pictures you've taken of texas. I had no idea what it looked like on the west side of the state. Love you guys. I hear we might be seeing you in a few days?

beckyjune said...

Yes, it does look cold, but what an amazing experience that must have been for them. I miss camping- we haven't been since we moved here.

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