March 17, 2010

no giraffes.

on leah's special day we headed to the pet store.
actually, we went to TWO pet stores.
they LOVE us at the pet store.
leah was so excited she talked for DAYS about all the animals we would hold.  she was SURE that we would NOT hold giraffes because they are scary.  (who's afraid of a giraffe?)

at the mall we held puppies and swam with the fish
and at our favorite WALTER'S WORLD OF PETS, we held baby bunnies, got attacked by dogs (no not really), and saw snakes, possums, and other animals heading to zoos...
i love the dialog
"this bunny is just like scampers."
"scampers died."
"he was hard like a rock"
"yeah, i miss scampers."
"and snow, snow was so cute."
"we don't know where snow is."
"she's probably dead too."
"yeah, she probably got eaten or something."
"mom, please can we buy another bunny?"

no trip to Walter's would be complete without special pastry treats.
this time, we choose the mouth watering, charming in it's own way, Donut Depot.
dogs and donuts.
what a divine day.
see... i'm still smiling!

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