March 15, 2010

spring break.

It's spring (not really a) break here in our neck of the woods.
Someday I'll reap the benefits of a husband who also has spring, summer and christmas breaks with us...
i hear that is a perk of being in education.
but for now... we still have dissertations to write and thus a break is no break at all.
we did enjoy a leisurly morning together. so i'm not complaining.  (just "somedaying")

we were going to take a road trip to ft. worth, but it got cancelled so we had to do some last minute re-planning.
i had each of the kids write 5 goals each.
some of my favorite goals were...

-teach lily to walk and leah to be nicer (ellie)
-help with lunch everyday (drew)
-run 34 laps around the court (all)
-read for 30 minutes a day (most)
-do one good dead for everyone in our family (anna)
-bring treats to the neighbors (anna)
-learn how to make ice cream (ellie)
-find my scout book and do one goal a day (jakob)

then, i assigned them each one day.
for their day they got to plan an event and a meal.

Jakob- Go to Applebee's for dinner, Pei Weir for lunch, and learn to make rolls.
Drew- Go to Science Spectrum and have hot dogs, pork n beans and carrots, make brownies.
Anna- Go Skating and have Spam, make cupcakes and go on a mom-date to the movies.
Ellie- Bring a friend with us to the movies, and plan a GREEN St. Patty's day party.
Leah- Go to the pet store and hold bunnies, kittens and dogs.  But NO giraffes.  Make cookies with candy in them.

i'm really excited for our week together...

my computer is totally frozen up so i can only blog on the professor's lap top.
please pray for my computer (or the people who are trying to fix it)...  we haven't backed it up in FOREVER so i may be loosing LOTS of pictures, family history, and recent PTA stuff.

sorry no pictures!
hope y'all have a great week... i'm off to make rolls!!


valerie in TX said...

oh, jen, I WILL pray for your computer. I was just about sick when I thought my laptop had been stolen, with all the pictures of my kids on it. but....have I backed them up yet? noooooo.

sounds like you guys are going to have a great spring break! will you get to do everything on the kids' lists (much easier with NO giraffes!)?

beckyjune said...

Sounds like a fun week! We have Matt's brother and his family here in town this week from Houston and boy were they surprised when they woke up this morning.

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