March 17, 2010


so, it wasn't until i checked some blogs this AFTERNOON that i realized TODAY was st. patrick's day.
i'm so mad.
i had fun plans for our GREEN day... that i thought was TOMORROW, Thursday.
Bah humbug.
i even had special LUCKY CHARMS for breakfast and corn beef and cabbage for dinner.
i had grand plans for green cupcakes and green cookies for the neighbors
a fun party with a day-long preparation...
but, WEDNESDAY is Appleby's kids eat for $1... so today we were going out to dinner.
And, we're going skating from 2-5 today.
and, EVERYONE is dressed... NOT in green (we were saving it for tomorrow).

so... if you happen to see my family today.  PLEASE DO NOT pinch us. 
AND don't TELL MY KIDS that all our preparations are really going to be a day late.
the leperchauns were hanging out with the tooth fairiy and somehow missed our house.
today i'm TOTALLY unlucky.

1 comment:

Victoria Gilbert said...

Bummer. :(
I guess you could do it all tomorrow, as planned?

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