April 13, 2010

good stuff.

i just bought this jar of pesto from Sam's Club, and i love it.
---i've used my jar of pesto on BREAD with mozzarella and tomatoes. (see left picture)
---i spread it on SALMON... (see left picture).  I just learned the yummiest way to cook Salmon... just buy a big piece (at Sam's), wrap it in aluminum foil (with lemon pepper or pesto on it) and cook it on top of your grill for about an hour... i don't have a grill so i use my pancake griddle.  I just turn it up to 350* and leave it.  SOOOO GOOD!
---i mixed the pesto with PASTA and peppers and shrimp and tomatoes and some fresh spinach leaves and salt (pesto is not salty)... mmmm. (see right picture).

yes, my kids eat these meals.  they LOVE the salmon (except leah) and the shrimp!! they all ate the pasta and cheesey bread (i'm sure there is some Italian name for those appetizers...)  a couple kids pick off the tomatoes, and a couple others LOVE the tomatoes... so it works.

anyway, LOVE that pesto stuff.

here is my GREAT ANNOUNCEMENT!!!!!
for only $1.
ok, to be honest i didn't find them.
my friend, colita, told me about them.
i bought my kids bubbles for Easter and they stunk.
i HATE bubbles that don't blow, they just make a mess dripping all over your hand.
i HATE that.

these bubble sticks can be found at Wal-Mart by the registers and by the toys, i bought 4... pink, purple, blue, green.  (should have bought 400-- you know, a year's supply)
i've never seen a wand like them before... it's long not small and round... but the bubbles are still circular.  :)
last night for FHE (family home evening)  we went to the park and it was so windy all i had to do was open the wand and watch the wind blow hundreds of bubbles.
it was magical.
and so, i LOVE these bubble sticks.
(they should have named them bubble wands-- sounds more magical.)
love them. 
yes, we're still in our pjs.
but, blowing bubbles is a grand start to the day...

want to hear a quick funny story from the park...
i was pushing leah in the swing and doing "under-dogs"... i think this may have been her first under-dog experience.
she has the cutest, happiest laugh.
she decided that she wanted to change swings, but she was still swinging.  i asked her is she was going to jump off (like the big kids).  She smiled and let go with one hand to jump but kept holding on with her other hand... she fell on her back in the chips.  i smiled at her as she decided whether to laugh or cry... she got a big grin on her face and said, "Did you see that Mom??  I did an Under-BLONK!!"
love that girl.


valerie in TX said...

We love those bubble sticks too. :)

And...I had that appetizer once (without the bread). It was called insalata caprese. Yes, I had to look it up. ;)

And...your food is beautiful. :) Should be in a food magazine.

And...HOW do you get your kids to eat those things? My kids - especially my little J-man - are SO picky! Drives me crazy.

Rebekah said...

Leah's comment is so cute!

I am excited because I bought one of those bubble sticks before I left CT, but never used it. It is great to know that some "magical fun" is waiting for us when we get home (surely that will help to buffer all the reality of schedules, habit alterations, jobs, . . .)!!!

love and smiles

Kelley said...

Yum! I think a trip to Sam's club for Pesto and salmon is in order. Then a quick stop off at Wal-Mart and we'll be all set!

By the way, I don't know what happened downstairs after the baptism, but my daughters talk about Anna like she has super powers or something! They love her!

The Davis Family Three said...

I LOVE PESTO! Yum! It's making me hungry just looking at your great food pictures.

And we got bubbles that don't work for Easter too. Thanks for the tip about the bubble wands - it seems like my last several bubble purchases have been dissapointing so we are ready for some bubbles that work!

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