May 06, 2010

because i appreciate.

this is teacher appreciation week.
(it's a national holiday)
and, i appreciate my kids teachers.
i wish i could do great things for them...
like give them gift certificates for dinner, or fly them to Hawaii--
but alas, my humble budget does not allow that type of appreciation.
[especially this month... the professor's clutch is broke $900 and my tooth just broke in half last night $$????]

so-- i show my appreciation by sending them silly edible gifts with silly quotes on them.
trust me-- they feel loved.
I got my ideas from this blog...  go here.  Her gifts are much cuter and scrap booky... you can even print out her colored file.  I don't have colored ink, and i'm not so scrappy, so mine look a bit easier to eat and throw in the trash after they're eaten.  :)
I still have a project for tomorrow.
i want to turn this...

into this...  (again, this is from that blog i told you about.  go here.)
have a great day.
and ask yourself...
have you hugged a teacher lately?


Lanette said...

Thanks for the fabulous idea. I couldn't come up with something cute and I needed it by tommorow. I'm using the "one smart cookie" one. Thank you, thank're a life saver!

And about your PTA post, I'm so glad you were honored and appreciated for all the hard work you do. I'm sure it's no easy task. Those are great memories, great moments. Enjoy it.

Tiffany said...

Bah... those are awesome! WAY cuter than what I did. Which was as close to nothing as you can get without actually doing nothing. But now I have FAB ideas for next year!:-)

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