May 29, 2010

M.E. + Tree

Once there was a tree...
she loved a little boy.
(well two really.  and four little girls.)
Seriously, did the last week of school kill any of you?
Hmm.  Only one day left and I already feel like a tree... and Dory... "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming."
Have i told you that I HATE the story of The Giving Tree.
Hate it.
It's dumb.
stupid tree.  selfish boy.
but... it's fun to read.
and--- it is what popped into my mind when i started writing this chapter of my life... so lets go with it.
And every day, the boy would come.
and gather her leaves, and eat apples.
or pancakes.
"3 days of school left!"  pancakes.
even if they were mutilated in the flipping.
the boy loved the tree.
even if she looked lovely in the morning.

The tree
loved end of the year award ceremonies.
where she learned  that the girl's favorite memory of 1st grade is... the VALENTINE'S party. 
 or that the other girl's favorite memory was playing with her friends?
and the tree loved these cute pictures of the boy.
grade 4.
hair done independently.
smile- completely posed and completely adorable. 
Doesn't he remind you of Calivin from Calvin and Hobbs?

the tree loved the school.
a. lot.
loved it.

and everyday the boy would bring home a note.
telling of another party.
needing dollars.
and pool towels.
and games.
and treats.
and kindergarten pictures.

and the tree was happy.
the professor, not really.
the tree cried during 5th grade graduation!
the professor did not.
the tree also cried on the first day of kindergarten.
the professor did not.
that is why, the tree is female.
she allows the boy to swing from her branches.
she sits through 2 hour long 5th grade graduation ceremonies.
she loves the boy.
and the boy loves the tree.
M.E. + T
the tree also loves the boy's friends.
(especially when the boy's best friends are the valedictorian and salutatorian- they gave speeches.)
seriously, 5th grade graduation is BIG here.
it's TEXAS.
NOT a cute curl for a tree.
lily did not love 5th grade graduation.
perhaps the professor did not cry, because he was in the hall with the beast...
the cute beast.
come.  i have no more apples.
just cut my branches and make yourself a boat.
the tree loved the boy.
and so, she took pictures of all his domino creations.
because, they were cool.
kind of.
the kids loved their Hooray for summer!! buckets.
the professor thought they were a bit unnecessary.
blah him.
that is why he is a professor and the tree is a mother.
the tree LOVED the buckets.
drew spent all day today reading about Percy Jackson.
he calls him Pierce-y.
And... drew also make funnel cakes for our FIRST DAY OF SUMMER picnic.
yes.  we brought homemade funnel cakes to the park.
the funnel cake box was in his bucket.

and see ellie's cute "last day of school" dress...  isn't she funny?
and don't i look tired?
i am.
the tree LOVED the buckets.
and the tree HATED the buckets.
because she had the great idea to include sweet midgets in the buckets.
you know, sweet pickles.
and, someone dropped their summer bucket on the floor and broke the pickles, which spilled all over every cool new book and project in the bucket... AND dumped on the LIVING ROOM carpet.
PICKLE juice.
that same day...
someone spilled a whole thermos full of lemonade all over the trunk of the suburban.
sticky, sweet lemonade.
the tree hates sticky stuff...
but the tree was still happy.
and calm.
and said it was no big deal.
it could be cleaned.
but really...
the tree lied.

Here's some pictures from our FIRST DAY OF SUMMER picnic.

this was our picnic.

leah made the lemonade.
jakob made the tuna fish and hard boiled eggs.

nope- the "shake all the eggs in the pot" didn't work too well for us.
ellie made the sandwiches.
anna packed everything.
and, drew made the funnel cake.

but i was wishing this was our table.
Mickey D's gets expensive with 6 kids.
so.  we loved our tuna.
And really.  the tree was happy.
photos by leah.
book- Man's Search for Meaning... never opened.
still searching.
oh... kiss that cute baby.  (she's going "mmmmmm" kissin' momma...)
cause someday, they will leave.
someday they will be too big to climb and play.

and the tree will often be alone...
and the tree will miss these days.
even if alone doesn't sound tooooo bad.
summer is here.
kids are home.
the carpet smells like pickles...
and the tree is happy.
the end.


Lanette said...

Oh, oh, how I loved reading this post! One of your best...clever, sweet, funny, samrt, real, full of memories, everything all in one post. So glad I clicked to your blog after I typed my talk for tommorow (it's 12:10 am). Thanks for the smiles...I needed them for my tired self.

valerie in TX said...

I'm laughing that we are both writing blog posts after 1:00 a.m. today. Sounds like you guys had a fun first day of summer! I'm sorry about the pickle juice and lemonade - you handled it much better than I would have! We went swimming Friday. This is the 2nd year, so I guess it's tradition now. I seriously on purpose didn't take my camera because I didn't want to mess with it, and now I'm sad. :( Hopefully I'll do better for the rest of the summer!

Rachel Ure said...

great! love your tag "the carpet smells like pickles.. and the tree is happy"


before you move away or within the next 9-12 months- whichever comes first) i WILL make your family a lubock temple family shot. a barter of some sort might make the process happen faster...;)

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