June 04, 2010

painting stuff white.

i have been doing a lot of painting.
we bought this beauty on craig's list.
i wanted it white, in my room, for books and stuff...
i read online how lots of people paint furniture-
and, i did it the hard way.
paint with a roller than a brush in the edges.
3 coats.

then i varnished it with minwax.
varnished again.
i hated it.
the paint didn't look great before i varnished, and after i varnished it was yellow.
very yellow.  (it's hard to show the color in my garage, but the bird is white)

so, i sent the professor back to home depot.
he bought
Rustoleum Heirloom White Spray Paint... 5 bottles for $3 each.
Painter's Touch- it's the white and blue can in the picture below.
If you really want to use polyurethane-- like on ceramic-- i liked the spray can much better than the paint on.
I liked Heirloom White because it wasn't as stark as just plain white...
I sprayed to my hearts content...
and.  i love the results.
i really like spray paint.
easy and better than the harder stuff.
now, i'm off to the lake.
this afternoon, i'll be moving furniture.
love it.


Diana said...

That looks great. When I start painting furniture I know who to contact! Have fun at the lake, I am envious we only have rain clouds and wind!!! I might come visit.

Coralee said...

Hi - I've been following your blog for awhile (I love it!) but haven't commented. I am in the midst of repainting a wood loft/bunk bed for my boys. I have sanded, done a coat of primer and resanded and painted - I'm not loving the look either. Do you think spray paint would work on such a large piece of furniture? Did you put any type of top-coat on over the spray paint? Thanks for the advice! :)

jenifer said...

i painted my girls' bunk beds by hand... and i don't like them. it was hard and it doesn't look professional. i spray painted my boys' beds black- with valspar spray paint from lowes and i LOVE them. LOVE. LOVE them. I didn't use any top spray on the beds and they seem professional. On my bar stools, i may use the min-wax spray polyurethane...lots of people recommended that minwax top coat, but when i used it, it looked bad and yellow, even when i tried hard to make a thin coat.
my advice for bunk beds, buy 6-8jars of spray paint and spray right on top of your paint. i bet you'll love it and won't need a top coat. i loved valspar from lowes but i think i like painters touch from home depot better. both brands are around $3 per can.
you'll LOVE it.

and... don't forget to buy a trigger thing from wal-mart (i'll show you a picture in my next post) it costs $2 and slide on the spray paint can... it will SAVE your finger. Honestly, before i found out about the trigger thing, my poor fingers were sore from pushing the spray button!!

good luck!

jenifer said...

ohhh... just buy 8 cans. better safe than sorry.

Coralee said...

Thanks for the advice! I'm going to go buy all the supplies and get started this week (so excited!)
BTW: for your bar stools - did you do anything to remove the paint/stain underneath before you spray painted them? I'm thinking of painting our wood chairs white too. :)

jenifer said...

nope. i didn't sand, i just sprayed right on top of all the layers.
the only time i sanded was between layers of polyurethane- it didn't help.

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