June 07, 2010

summer ideas- clean the garage.

What do you do when it's 107 degrees outside?
We clean the garage.
The bikes were still on the front lawn when this picture was taken...
but even with the bikes, it still looks orderly. 
The neighbor walking by asked if we were moving.  She said she had never seen so many bikes. 
Just 6 kids.
 See the stuff we took to Goodwill????

Oh.  the joy of an organized garage.
Now... bookshelves, craft room, closets again... 
the life of a mother.
how about one more clean garage shot?
ok.  one more.
here's my side.
(when we first moved in, the guys who sold us our house said, "i always know a mormon because of their garage full of food.  yup... come to my house if their is a shortage of beans or wheat... we got plenty!!)
 and here's the professor's tools.
i still think they could use some sorting, but this is progress.
baby steps.
my garage is pretty clean.
life is good.


corrie said...

looks awesome!

Shauna_Rae said...

Come do mine! Yours looks awesome!

Steph said...

Will you come clean mine? Or better yet, just come visit. That would be more fun than a clean garage.

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