July 06, 2010

mommy popular- this is a stupid post... just pass it.

the professor is at the office.
till 5 am. (he says)
we just got back from the pool and burger king.
{i'm a dork.  i gave the burger king guy coupons from McDonald's.  he was like, ????.  he got his boss, she explained, we can't take these, because we're burger king.  duh!!!  it's not my fault burger king had a better play land, and really... did he need to get the supervisor to tell me how dumb i was.   oh life.}
right now, my little girls are sleeping, my big kids are arguing... they should be getting into bed too.
{we're still waiting for that magic age when we can say "go to bed" and they just do it, without prodding.}
i just checked the internet for a minute.
and i found this video.
it's funny.
and.  i think you should all come to my house tonight, so we make up a song and dance, and video tape ourselves... i can't sing, but i could come up with a funny song.
and we could put it on you tube and we'd be famous.
people would see us at the grocery store and be like,
"aren't you that funny mom who sang about boogers on the wall"
and we'd be like "yeah!!!" oh that silly thing...
but really, we'd know we were funny and cool and mommy-popular.
{not to be confused with high school popular.  fyi... i was 6th grade popular, then we moved.  in high school i was nice girl popular, not cool girl popular.  if you know what i mean.  today i'm big family popular... people always remember me from somewhere...  i tell them they probably saw me pushing 2 carts of food at wal-mart with 6 kids following me and thought i was from a polygamist colony...  i'm memorable, "i've seen you before" popular.  not as good as mommy popular or high school popular, but, i'll take it.}
like these moms.
they're funny and cool and i bet in their town they are mommy-popular.
and, i think we'd have fun.
my house.
with your broom, laundry and a baby doll.
we'll rock the house.
whoa... DORK blog.
{perhaps this is why i was never cool girl popular...}
i'm just SO excited to go tell the kids lights out.
and hear their whine..... MOOOOOMMMMM!!!
but.  i can do it.
it's worth it.
ready, GO!


you don't want to put your kids to bed either???
watch this.

and just remember...  i'm here for you brother.  if you need a friend...

i just might have a problem that you understand....


Rachel Ure said...

i would have come if you had called me. :) glee music is really fun. too bad the show is a little raw

Teachinfourth said...

I've seen that Mom's Rhapsody before. Very well done…Glee? Like Rachel said, a bit raw, but I still love it.

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