July 17, 2010

summer ideas- play with lepers.

anna is in my sunday school class at church.
we were talking about gratitude and the 10 lepers.
i'm afraid my description of skin and noses rotting off may have been too graphic.
i've seen a leper creep into almost every pretend play this week.
love her.

ps.  this is my in camera shot... i know i could edit it to make it brighter, but i think i need to adjust my Nikon automatic settings... maybe ISO?  anyone know more about this than me???


beckyjune said...

Aimee thought it was funny that Anna had a "blanket on her head." At least you know you made an impression.

As for the picture, you could up your ISO or change the f-stop so that you are getting more light. I'm not an expert, I am sure that someone else could give some advice, too.

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

You can also change the exposure to be a bit brighter, too.

I think it's easier to do on my computer, though. :)

Jenni Taysom said...

Find your "sweet spot" in your house, usually with the child facing a window, particularly a north facing window. If you look at my current blog post, "watch out" you'll see the picture of my boys with beautiful lighting - it is a straight out of the camera shot completely untouched. I always try to get pictures of my kids facing me while I sit on the couch or stand by the window.

Uping the ISO can help too. Do you know how to go manuel - it can make a big difference if you do the settings and over expose it just a bit.
www.theidearoom.net has a guest post, Kristen Duke, that is fabulous and shares all kinds of great tips - that's where I learned about the sweet spot.
In general, I love your photos - you always have such fun and fabulous pictures - I loved the countryside one from the other day, so dreamy and beautiful.

Teachinfourth said...

You have to be careful on the ISO, it can make for grainy photos if you're not careful…it's best to keep this number as low as possible.

I haven't hit this yet, but will eventually…


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