July 12, 2010

summer ideas- talk sweet.

done with cooking for 100.
back to cooking for 8.
it has been raining a lot here lately...
so my brood has spent a lot of time indoors.
they've become a bit sassy and irritable.
i pulled out some old jars... put 10 pieces of candy in each one and told the kids
"this is my candy, that i will share with you at the end of the day, as a gift, if you remember to talk sweetly.
if you forget to talk sweetly, we will just share your sweets with the person you were sassy to... get it?"
they were all excited.
and, a swedish fish does compensate quite nicely when you have a sassy child.
my friend taneil tried this tactic to rid her kiddos of potty humor...
{taneil banned 3 words from her home... Poop, Idiot and Jerk... i think.  either jerk or booger.  she ate a candy anytime her kids said one of the banned words.  i love it poopy head!!}
it works great.
for everything except your goal to loose 5 lbs.
{ha!  this reminds me of a time when i told my boys- you can have play guns, but do not shoot people, only pretend bad guys.  my oldest said quickly... "No mom!  There is a pretend bad guy right in front of your face!"  ha! ha!  smart kiddos.  random story.}
i should note that the professor and i have our own jars.
yes, there have been many times when i hear myself yelling.
and then i smile and say, "and you can get yourself one of my candies on the way out..."
oh. sweet teaching moments.

1 comment:

beckyjune said...

THIS is such a good idea!

I'm going to make a mental note of all of these fun ideas like this and your job chart.

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