August 06, 2010

hard work.

sometimes i worry that my kids are entertained all day long
and that they miss the joy that comes from old fashioned hard work.

so... one lazy afternoon, we put them to work.
cleaning the car.
i didn't have high expectations, so it was great to sit back and watch while they worked together.
fun cousin memories.


grandpa started chopping wood for our campfire...
another great work project.

and an impromptu class on ax safety


some boys came back from the dirt hills across the street
with duck decoys
they were hard workers-hunters and gatherers.

see, those early pioneers had nothing on us.
we love us some hard work.

and a clean car.

1 comment:

Teachinfourth said...

It sounds like it was a really fun and productive day! I'm glad you were able to keep everybody entertained, and working hard at the same time.

Maybe next time on the clean car...

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