August 26, 2010

pregnant but don't know it??!! really??

This is me 9 months pregnant with Leah...
i hardly even knew i was pregnant.
My friends and family couldn't tell.
I only gained 5 pounds per week.
Yes, some days I craved sugar but on the whole nothing was different.
I may have felt a random leg protruding from my belly, but i just thought I ate too much for dinner.
when my water broke, i thought i had peed my pants,
and when I was screaming with pain that came in 5 minute intervals, i thought i was constipated.
i didn't even realize i had a baby until i looked in the toilet and saw a baby.
i thought it was just one big poop.
you can imagine my surprise when they told me all this time... i had been pregnant and didn't even know. 

have you seen this show on TLC?
"I didn't know i was pregnant."
i've seen it twice... once at a hotel, and once while i was exercising yesterday.
it's these woman who get pregnant... many take a test and it's negative, many are overweight but not huge, many say they don't miss their period...
they go 9 months and don't figure out they are in labor until they feel hair coming out of them instead of poop.

i'm totally intrigued and want to shout--  SERIOUSLY?!!!!!
NINE MONTHS and you DON'T KNOW???!!!
You're sleeping in the same bed with someone else and they don't know?
it doesn't even go through your mind??  for 9 months??
it's unreal to me...
unreal.  outrageous.

i can tell the day i'm pregnant.
it's my super-sonic nose...  faster than a pregnancy test
MAYBE you could get to 5, 6, 7 months and not know...
BUT 9 MONTHS... with a living organism inside you... and you don't wonder, you don't know...
you are sitting on the toilet SCREAMING and it doesn't go thru your mind... this could be labor NOT indigestion.
you feel a foot sticking out of your stomach and you just keep thinking... i ate too many tacos.
without sounding too crass, i just have to ask how NUMB can you be?
numb to your body, numb to the sign that HAVE to be there, numb to the presence of a living BEING within you, numb to the promptings you must be receiving as you pick up a glass of wine...
SERIOUSLY... 9 months with NO IDEA.
i don't know.
Then, this lady yesterday is SCREAMING on the toilet trying to get out her SUPER LARGE poop and when it comes out she takes a deep breath... after a few minutes she looks in the toilet and realizes it wasn't poop, it was a baby.
she screams for her husband.
SERIOUSLY... your husband lets you SCREAM out a poop and stays asleep.
he sees the baby, still in the toilet and runs to call 911.
after he's on the phone with 911 he hears crying and thinks... Oh, maybe i should check on the baby.
SERIOUSLY???!!!!  you see a baby in your toilet and you don't think to take it OUT??!!!

ok.  my husband heard my ranting last night...
he laughs at me and thinks i'm stupid for watching the show.
i try to explain to why this is so weird to me...
part of me WISHES i could be someone who is pregnant for 9 months and doesn't know it.
who goes to the doctor for "muscle relaxers" because my back is hurting when reallly i'm dialated to an 8 and ready to push.
pregnancy so mild that you don't even realize it.
you gain 5 lbs and have a little heartburn but besides that you feel normal.
i guess there are woman like that.

it baffles me.
and so i write this sillly blog.
 oh, ok... just one baby picture because they were in the folder of my pregnant picture...
How could you not know you had a BABY in your body?
You might miss a half inch lump in your breast...
but 7 pounds of movable, kicking, breathing baby????
i just don't get it...
you may NOT tell your fiance' you're pregnant.  you many not tell your family, but you KNOW.
you have to know... right?


Anonymous said...

I have thought all of these exact thoughts!! I think they are just denying it...they have to know...

Shelly@Sweet Journey said...

I saw your blog over at the Talking Hairdryer place and I had to check it out. I completely agree! I have seen that show a couple of times too, and said the same thing to my husband. How could you not know!

valerie in TX said...

Oh my gosh this post made me laugh. EXACTLY! And even if they don't know they're pregnant, they've got to know SOMETHING ISN'T RIGHT! There's no way a writhing, kicking, punching, 7 or 8 pound being can be mistaken for indigestion! It's ridiculous. :)

valerie in TX said... that picture Leah? She's beautiful. :)

Rachel Ure said...


The Davis Family Three said...

HILARIOUS! You are so right!

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