September 06, 2010

bedtime bunnies.

every night i tuck my girls into bed and i smile.
every night.
sweet anna... saying her prayers.
and ellie... cuddled in her favorite blanket.
that she got for Christmas.
from my mother in law.
want to see it closer?
yup.  cute bunnies.
and, they make me smile.
every night.
thanks grandma!


LAURA said...

ha ha, that is hilarious...did you ever point out to her that those are playboy bunnies?! How cute.

Tiffany said...

No WAY!:-) How awesome is that?!? At least it's just a blankie at this point, and not a halloween costume request...

Letti said...

lol love the bunnies. That is too funny. I love that sweet picture of your daughter saying her prayers.

Reenie's World said...


Steph said...

Thanks for the laugh.

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