September 17, 2010

five (or six) for friday.

nothing cuter than a diaper changing husband...
1. for the past 11 years (since my oldest was born) i have used huggies diapers.  my babies have sensitive bums, and they are allergic to pampers...  lily was leaking out of her huggies EVERY night.  we ran at of money at the beginning of the school year, so we bought a small pack of TARGET brand diapers.  NO LEAKING.  ever.
i love them.  and now, i switched.  from huggies to target.  just thought you'd like to know.

2. i have an ultrasound today... i'm kinda nervous, because i REALLY want twins and i only have one morning left to hope.  i know, i'm so silly.

3.  i decided NOT to worry so much about what my kids looked like... to try and NOT spend money on new clothes.  they're kids and it's ok that they look hand-me-down-ish sometimes.  right?  so, last week i brought my girls to a friend's house.  when i went to pick them up, my friends was laughing at how "daddy got them dressed."  i laughed too, and said that he HAD dressed them that morning.  i lied.  and, that afternoon, i went to the store.  i bought a few new shirts and a couple carters leggings at Burlington.  not too expensive.  and, i realized, i DO care what my kids look like.  i'm just not that mom who can pull off the orphan look.

4.  i really want to paint a wall in my girls room like this.  (their walls are already purple, everyday i hold myself back from making a template, tracing with a pencil, and using a bottle of craft paint to trellis.)  we are moving in the spring... what do you think?  should i just go for it?  or should i put it in my folder of "next house" ideas?

5.  today, after school, we are having a friend day.  The professor is taking the boys + friends to the park, and i am making hair things with the girls + friends.  Here is my inspiration sheet... 
(I'm sure they won't be that lovely, but it will be fun!)

6.  i just bought a new duvet cover from target... i saw it online for $89, and my angel shoppers inspired me to call our local stores... it was on clearance for $34.99.  i had to explain to my husband that this was indeed a case of divine intervention, we were meant to have this cover... i just know it.  :)


Tiffany said...

1. My girls leaked EVERYWHERE in huggies, so I've not used them in years...:-)
2. Can't WAIT for your ultrasound!:-)
3. I hear you on the clothes. I can't/couldn't do it either, esp. when you can get stuff so inexpensively @ Target, or like you found, @ burlington. I wish I didn't care, either... so I'm glad to know I'm not alone!:-)
4. Wait. Seriously. You don't want to have to paint again to sell... though that's the painting-hater in me talking. Though it would look super cute in their room!
5. CUTE ideas!
6. You ARE meant to have that duvet cover... how could that experience be interpreted any other way?!?
7. BAH!!! I wish you lived here instead of there:-)

Anonymous said...

Target diapers are good...SAMs diapers are JUST as great and a bit softer...and same great price!

Starr said...

Can't wait to see your flower creations! Here's an easy one I just made that's nearly impossible to mess up:

Jaidi Clayton said...

Huggies always leaked for us, no matter which child, I always hated them. We always used Pamper Swaddlers for N to size 2 (that stinks that they all are allergic) then from size 3 on we use Sam's Club members choice which I love! They are also the best priced that I have found. They end up being about 2 cents cheaper per diaper...Or something like that...But I have been using Target diapers, cuz we don't have a membership right now and can't afford to renew it, and they are good diapers too. But I still prefer Sams Club!

I love your ambition in life. You are so dedicated to everything, your family and I love it! I hope all goes wella t the ultrasound. I look forward to reading all about it!

Congrats by the way, on the ultrasound! That is awesome for you guys!

LAURA said...

you're such a great mom! I love costco diapers. good luck with your ultrasound, I get my 19 week ultrasound next week and I am so excited to find out what it is!

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