September 20, 2010

friends and bows.

anna with her friend adelaide-- aren't they cute together?!
we had a fun, friend-filled weekend.
friends and hair bows on Friday.
practices, birthday parties, baptisms, ice cream socials and football games on Saturday.
and, company all day Sunday.

my house is clean- thanks to my ever diligent husband (i went to bed early last night).
and, i feel full.
life is full with friends.
this is our sweet friend Abby, from China, trying to convince my kids to try a little taste of her rice cake...  she came to church with us and then ate jello with mandarin oranges for the first time in her life.  :)  just doing my American duty. 

i'm always glad when i step out of my comfort zone to include others.
so, remind me of this as i begin my winter/pregnant hibernation.
people are good.
think... lots of bow times 4 girls...  (my favorite is the white crinkle one on the left... you can't see it too well in this picture.)
and, these headbands made me smile... i had saved a lemon bag from the store that we cut up. 

bad picture, but you can see the white clip better... it has tulle under it... it's cute.
 So, have a good Monday.
i think i'm going grocery shopping.
and, maybe to a few thrift stores... i'm feeling thrifty this morning.

i'm just not ready to decorate for halloween.
i'm kinda likin' my plain- un-decorated home.
does this make me a stick in the mud mother?
maybe next week...


Rachel Ure said...

i have a fun halloween decor idea. and it involves thrift stores. it might get you excited about decorating? we must talk

Jilene said...

Love the white one too! They all are really cute. I love making bows/flowers/headbands. So fun!

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