September 02, 2010

hair trouble?

do you have a child who SCREAMS as you brush her hair?
is her hair the hardest of all your kids to brush because it is full of knots everyday?

i have the answer for you!!
seriously, changed my life.
thank you to the person who recommended it to me, not sure who that was...

my ellie has thick hair that is always full of knots.
we shampoo and condition with adult conditioner and even right out of the bath it is a rat's nest.
now, i just spray infusium in it and brush and it is 95% better.
for sure.
and the stuff is under $5 at Walmart.
{i should add that i don't love this stuff in leah's hair.  her hair is naturally more stringy and i think infusium makes it seam greasy.}

got knots??
buy this stuff.
it will change your life.

i'm already missing the all day turning 4 celebration...
 i think my favorite part was that leah requested Spaghetti O's for dinner.
i can totally do that.
 (another testament to child based marketing in the grocery store.)
4 year olds-- love it.


Letti said...

I love Infusium! My mom used it on my sister and I when we were little. One tip be careful because it can stain your clothes. I have learned that the hard way :(

ashley said...

amen to the staining... putting a towel over the shoulders helps. I dilute it a lot and put it in a spray bottle. i think we had this conversation once, but I'm not sure.

and HAPPPY BIRTHDAY TO LEAH!!! She looks so darling.

Love you!

Cindy said...

Adult Dove conditioner (but not the green one) is really good for thick hair. Then it comes out of the shower soft. I've been using on my girls hair (especially my oldest because of her super thick hair) for years.

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