September 30, 2010

you'll love this!

have you heard this song?
i'm not a song person... but when i heard this on the radio i went home and bought it on itunes.
it's so funny.
and, my mom had to hear it... she has an x-husband who we all pray for.  :)
{we're good Christians...}

thanks bliss for showing me the video... seriously, watch it!!
i love this song.


Jaidi Clayton said...

HEHE! Thats funny!

LAURA said...

I listen to country so I've heard this song on the radio...but never seen the video. thanks for sharing!

beckyjune said...

I've heard that one on the radio, too, and it's so funny! Thanks for the laugh today, Jen.

Bliss said...

So glad you like it :)))))

Hope you are feeling well!!


Teachinfourth said...


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