October 07, 2010

pictures from my day... scripture time.

just keeping it real folks.

i was talking to a friend on the phone a couple days ago and she said, "my kids take forever to get dressed in the morning... i told them, the Moss's are all dressed by 7am." 
Yes, my kids are "dressed" for scripture time.
Hair done, shoes and socks on, with a smile on their face.  Kinda.
Here's us... the past 2 days... at 7am.
Really, we're just like you.  Probably... you've got it down a little better than we do.

DAY ONE- i'm lovely in my pjs.  i'm SOO mad.  The professor and i have been exercising every morning from 5:30-6:30am.  Yesterday, he turned off the alarm.  When i told him i was bummed, instead of apologizing, he said, "Well, why don't you set your own alarm."  Excuse me?!  Just a warning men, don't ever fight with a pregnant woman.  It is not in our hormones to back down... ever.  After the kids went to school, we argued for an HOUR.  I was so hurt- he didn't care about me.  It was STUPID and HORMONAL and ruined my whole day.  But, we had a pretty good scripture time.  Just sayin.
leading the song... yes, she slept in those clothes.
ellie- with her hair "done"
the props... nothing fancy



i'm teaching... lovely in jammies.

crying because anna answered the question she was going to answer.

2 Nephi 5-- with no spell checker.

cream of wheat for breakfast and shoes

DAY TWO- We exercised, and i was happy.  Ellie was her usual cheerful self.  Nothing grand or amazing, but it was good.  And, i'm eating my german pancake as i type.
leah- up early, having scripture time with dora.
today, the professor taught us 2 Nephi 6.  I was the only one who had read it last night.

Heavenly moments.

sweet kids.

um, this is pretty typical.  she's not a morning person either.  no, she's not sleeping. 
yes, she is putting her fingers in her ears and ignoring us... um, not sure why.

yup, we exercised this morning.  not so cranky today.

german pancakes... waiting.

yes, he did walk out in the middle of scripture time to gel the hair, but we still like that kid.

lily's WAKE!  she loves when she wakes up early... the kids love it to... i don't mind when she sleeps in...

family prayer.

I've said it before, and I'll say it one more time.  Just do it.
Take a minute and bring God into your morning.
Let your kids know it is just as important to study God's word as it is to study spelling words.
Every morning... not just Sundays.

Level One- just do something.  Read one verse.  Talk about one scripture story.  Tell your kids why you believe.  It takes 8 days to establish a pattern. 
Level Two- Prepare and TEACH with the spirit.  Take some time at night to prepare for scripture time the next day.  Pray that God will tell you what you should teach your children.  Pray for the spirit as you teach and read.
Level Three- Help your KIDS prepare to LEARN by faith.  We learn by doing.  If your kids come to scripture study prepared and participating, they will learn more and their testimony will grow.

We had a great discussion one morning about EFFORT and how to truly learn by faith we needed to use our
Physical effort- sitting up straight and sitting quietly, opening our books, reading, being reverent, kneeling tall during prayer time.
Spiritual effort- praying that we will learn, asking God questions as we study, believing that we will be taught
Mental effort- not letting our minds wander as we pray and study, really thinking about the scriptures and what they mean in our life.

The kids are really great at doing this sometimes.  I'm really great at doing it sometimes.  But most of the time, we're just regular.

have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the tips! I still have very small ones at home but you have reminded me that it is just as important!

beckyjune said...

These are great tips, Jen. My girls are pretty good about sitting for scripture time- we are using the kids' scripture story books right now. What we need help on is keeping kids kneeling and quiet for prayers instead of sprawling on the floor or putting their heads down and bums up in the air.

I hope you're feeling well today.

Kerri said...

I love that you took pictures...makes it more real. The tips are really helpful. And seriously, you're pregnant AND exercising at 5:30??? Wow. Just wow.

Letti said...

We are just starting our scripture study again. We always seem to start and then life happens and we stop. I love all of your tips. Thanks!

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