November 23, 2010

green smoothies.

 my sister in law's family is on a health kick... they've read some books that advocate more fresh fruits and veggies and less man-made food. 
in addition to cutting off refined sugars and white flours, they recommend no milk, meat, eggs, yogurt, etc...
AND very little GRAINS- sprouted grains are OK.  (huh?!)
from what i understand (not having read the books)
the philosophy is Vegetables and Fruit FUEL your body.
grains are fillers.
meat is to be used sparingly.
and animal products were never meant to be mass produced as a staple in our diet.
ultimately, if you followed the diet you would be considered a vegan...

i am not a person who lives in EXTREMES. 
extremes to me are as difficult as schedules.
but, i like this concept... 
and, as i've thought about it more i've noticed just how FEW fruits and vegetables we eat.
it is HARD to make green veggies the main thing we eat...
my kids are used to a plate of white rice with a few veggies and some meat...
NOT a plate of veggies with a small cup of rice.

i am amazed at how many carbs i eat... fillers... instead of using my food to feul my body.

plus, i LOVE vegetables.  LOVE them.
my body is naturally vegan...
i do eat meat, and i can't eat pb&j without a cup of milk... but, my FAVORITE meals are green.  for sure.

the other thing i like about this concept is that it is natural. 
one of the things i HATE about "natural" foods is that as soon as you go to the health store they try to sell you hundreds of dollars of additives and pills and creams and tinctures to add to your diet.
i can handle "eat more salad" or "eat an apple".  it feels right.

i don't have $400 to buy a turbo mixer... but my bosch mixer works pretty well.
i'm still buying milk, and still serving eggs for breakfast sometimes...
but, i do drink a "green smoothie" every day- usually after i exercise.
(for me, this is just a smoothie with frozen fruit and lots of spinach or mixed greens and a banana)
and, i feel energized.
i try to eat more fresh stuff.
i try to feed my family more veggies at dinner time than starches or proteins...
and, it's going good.
how about you?
have you heard about the green smoothie diet?
don't you love RAW fruits and veggies?
look at your diet, i bet you'll be surprised how few you eat...
Here are some links i've found, if you want to read more...
green smoothie girl
whole foods vegan momma
vegan dad
nope.  not vegan... but trying to be more veggie-an.

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