November 10, 2010

it's all good.

yes.  life is good.
and, i have 2 moments for ya.

my happy feeling started at pta...
can you see Anna?  Second row, flower in her hair.
As I watched her sing I just felt what a good girl she is, and how blessed I am to be a mother.
To be HER mother.  She is a joy.  All my kids are. 
Really, I like them.  I'd pick them out of a crowd and want them in my family. 
It brought tears to my eyes...  I am so blessed to have these great kids.
And, it changed me.  I popped out of my "it's hard" place and I'm back in my "it's a blessing" place.
this is where i love to be.

and then today, i had playgroup at my house. 
my house was REGULAR.
my mom is moving in with us tonight, and so my bedrooms are all half-moved and not perfect.
yes, i straightened.  but i don't have the desire or the energy to really clean like i normally would for a house full of guests.
i just straightened and let it be real life.
and, it was so fun.
i LOVE these women (and their cute kids)
i love them.  and, i need them. 
it's not too hard to be social... 
and, who knew that i really do like people even when i'm pregnant.
see... i'm still in here.
look how cute these kids are.

life is good.
and, i held a cute little baby and just about died...
i can't wait for a baby...  oh, the joy a baby brings to a family.
i rocked this baby to sleep and just held her while she slept.
lily came out and was so cute... "baby, baby!"  she kept saying.
then she went and got a baby stroller for me to put the baby in...
she kept petting the baby's head, which made the baby wake up a little.
i said, "Shh, the baby's sleeping."
but, when lily saw the baby's eyes open a little bit she yelled, "WAKE!!!  See mom, baby WAKE!!!"
i smiled... oh yes, I know just what is in store for me when my baby is born... 
LOTS of baby lovers in my family.
i can't wait.


Rebekah said...

That was a sweet post, jen.

Heather Dixon said...

Your family seems nice :)

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