January 21, 2011

6 for friday.

1. House of Order?
it's January 21st.
my home was supposed to be completely organized by today so that i could have next week to decorate and clean before it goes on the market.
i'm ALMOST done.
just my kitchen is left (and the leftover stuff on my dining room table that i need to find a home for).
i highly recommend a major house overhaul when your pregnant (and the idea of sewing or fixing something makes you sick) and moving (and the idea of putting one more thing into a box makes you sick) and graduating (thinking you will have money to get what you need)... EASY to purge and sort and label!!
my desire for order is FINALLY greater than my desire for thrift and recycling.
2. going VEGAN?
you would laugh if you could see what i'm eating lately.
my friend (thanks rachel!) lent me this book... Original Fast Food by James and Colleen Simmons
it's that "green smoothie" diet where they really encourage you to eat FRESH fruits and veggies.
this is what they say is GOOD to eat in a day
"consume 4 to 8+ fruits, 1+ pounds of leafy greens, 1+ pounds of solid green and non-green, non-starchy vegetables each day.  consume 1+ cups of beans freely, and limit both starchy vegetables and grains to 1 cup each per day.  Limit nuts and seeds to 1/4 cup total per day.  All vegetables may be eaten cooked or raw, the more raw the better."
i've been trying to do it for two days and i can't believe the ENERGY boost it has given me.

since Christmas i've been continually hungry-- and thus eating JUNK. i think my body was starving for nutrients but i just felt "doughnuts!" honestly, at lunch time i make a huge salad. it seems disgusting to me. i want a big pastry... but, i sit down and eat my salad, and it's actually good. if i ignore my initial craving, my body is so much happier. i feel so much better! naturally i love healthy food, i just think i'm in a carb-addiction place of life, so i need to detox for a bit...
no, i'm not totally vegan. my balanced mind does not let me do anything in extremes... just eating more green stuff and less man made stuff. i feel so good!

3. got CLOTHES?
we JUST got our student loans yesterday. yup. we've had $1 in our checking account since the week after Christmas. CRAZY!!! i felt like i was jumping out of my skin. really, i hate not having money. hate it.
i took my bigger girls on a shopping trip after school to get a birthday gift for their friend. we stopped at ross and i got myself a maternity shirt, a new pair of shoes, and a pair of CUTE maternity jeans. i also got new socks for the professor, the big girls, and the boys!! i'm SO sick of looking for socks in the mornings! i could feel the joy seeping into my veins... is that bad? i really love to go shopping. yup, retail therapy does this woman good!!

4. the bachelor.
this is a confession. it sucks me in. i watch the bachelor... on MONDAY nights. And, i know it's horrible. not only is the show itself sketchy. it starts at 7pm, when my kids are AWAKE, and i try to yell at them to go to their rooms, but they watch with me, and ask questions like, "Mom, is it ok to kiss that many girls when you're not married?" and, here is the WORST!! we are VERY good about having Family Night on Monday night. this week i asked the professor if we could switch to Tuesday... because of the Bachelor.
HORRIBLE. HORRIBLE. (we don't have a DVR, but i could watch the episode later on the computer if i wanted to.) why do i get sucked in? why? i've only watched it twice. maybe next week i'll wait and watch it on the computer without wondering eyes. it's my semi-sin. thanks for listening to my confessional.

5. kids.
-today, on my baby name poll, EVE and EDEN are tied. i should say, I'm shocked that so many people liked those names. most people i talk to do not like the name Eve... it's my favorite. it was the professor's idea, and at first i didn't like it... but it has grown on me. He likes Eve Antionina (after my italian great-grandmother). i don't know yet.

-lily is talking a lot (for her, not for a regular 2 year old)... but, she still leaves off the first sound of every word... ankie for blankie... oopie for poopie... an't for can't... anks for thanks... etc. it's weird. she can say the sounds on their own, or at the end of the word, but not at the beginning. If i coach her, she'll say, "ppp. ppp. ppp. oopie." Is this normal?

-leah has woken up at 5:30am every day this week... she goes into every bedroom and turns on the lights, then climbs into the crib with lily. i threatened to make her sleep in the garage. that child!

6.  baby showers.
my sweet friend from PTA offered to throw me a baby shower.
isn't that nice?! 
she asked me for a list of who to invite.  i HATE this.  part of me wants to invite everyone i love, so that they know i really like them.  part of me doesn't want anyone to feel like they need to come and bring me a gift.  it's hard.  and so, i keep procrastinating my list writing.  just sayin'.


LAURA said...

i love the bachelor, it's my dirty indulgence as well. Gotta love that Brad, he's so cute!

You know what's funny about watching the Bachelor? I always feel even more grateful for my husband and my life after watching it. Reading scriptures should probably do that for me, but no, it's the bachelor. So it's a good thing. :)
(go to this lds girls blog to read her bachelor updates: iwannatalkaboutme.blogspot.com)

Rachel Ure said...

invite me to your shower! I wantedto throw one for you- but i guess you don't need two. so definitly put me on the list
1015 Kirby Ave 79416

now you have no excuse to not get her my info.

i love you more since you confessed your bachelor obession. I guess ican't handle a friend that doesn't have some grit. PLUS it opens up some really important dialogue betweeen you and your kids about morality - and kindness and modesty- right? AND it makes me feel better about my own tv addictions

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