June 10, 2011

the day after.

the day after Dr Moss defended his dissertation, we decided to surprise him while he was teaching class.
the kids LOVE to do this... remember this- father's day 2009?

this was us two years ago... my how we've grown!
this time, we brought balloons and candy for his students.
i told his students that deep down he really loves to be refered to as "Dr Moss" even if he doesn't tell them that.  :)
we ended up dismissing class early and taking our family out to lunch.
what a fun afternoon!

1 comment:

beckyjune said...

How fun! Congrats, Todd, and to you, too, Jen! I bet it feels so good to be done. Matt loves it when people call him Dr., too, but he doesn't get to hear it all too often at work.

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