June 24, 2011

hair things.

5 little girls = lots and lots of bows
i had hair things everywhere.
in the bathroom drawer (where they belonged), in the kitchen junk drawer, on top of dressers in the big girls room and the little girls room, in the car, in the master bathroom cabinet, behind the couch, etc.

FINALLY, i bought myself a pink hair tackle box (from Wal-Mart, $12).
i love it.
why has it taken me so long to do this?

1 comment:

beckyjune said...

We have the same problem here at our house with all of these girls. I find them everywhere. I pick them up and put them in my pocket whenever I see them on the floor or somewhere else and always think that this is one of the signs that I am a mom- pockets full of hairclips. I just might have to invest in one of these.

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