June 15, 2011

searching for bobby fisher.

 my kids LOVE to play chess.
they were even in a chess club at school.
Charcoal, pawn, cat and dog-- those are their code words.
Drew says, "Ellie, charcoal?"
and they both run into the bedroom for a secret game of speed chess...
can you see the bell?
after you move, you ring the bell...
it's a bobby fisher thing.
(nice holy socks)
want to know what one of my favorite things about this summer is?
saying things like "you have got to put your book down and get your chores done."
or, "bring me your chess set, you keep distracting your sisters. 
You can play when they have finished their chores."
i LOVE grounding my kids from great things like books and chess...
i know, i'm weird.
i sure do love these guys!!
and, i REALLY love being a mom.
just sayin'.

1 comment:

Tiffany said...

my mom literally used to "hide" my books from me until I got my chores done. (the embarrassing part is she had to do that through high school :-))

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