June 07, 2011

this moment.

 i remember nursing jakob.
i can feel his little body in my arms-- his feet just barely longer than the width of my torso.
he was perfect.
i get teary when i remember that miracle.
drew, he was chunky and passionate.
he LOVED me and LOVED to nurse all the time.
anna was my girl. 
she smiled and interacted and watched everything. 
we were friends from the start.
ellie was beautiful.
she had long eyelashes and beautiful eyes.  perfect lips and a perfect little button nose.
she needed me to calm her sweet, emotional cries.
ellie and drew were my most clingy babies. 
i spent hours and hours rocking and cuddling and loving that sweet baby girl.
she was my baby the longest.
we had a bigger space between ellie and leah.
leah was SO fun for everyone.
she talked and interacted and has always thought she was one of the big kids.
i started bottles early with leah, and she was just joy--
she slept through the night and sat in her car seat and hardly cried at all...
she was my first baby that wasn't hard at all.
(until she turned 2!!)
lily has always been precious.
a sweet, gentle spirit. 
she just slid right into our family, making room without any stretching.
she is such a gift.

eve has been harder, but oh so darling.
the bitter has made the sweet that much sweeter.
i don't believe i have EVER loved nursing more.
hardly a feeding goes by that i don't offer a prayer of thanks.
i am grateful for every moment of napping and contentment and every smile this baby makes.
the other day i was nursing and i just felt such an overwhelming wash of love for this sweet baby- again.
i asked todd to take a picture... from my perspective... so i never forget.
this moment.
i am so lucky to be her mother.

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Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

I totally know what you mean. The other night, we had to take Isaac to the ER (whole story is on my blog) and as I nursed him before we left, I thought about how much I absolutely love nursing.

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