July 22, 2011

country cut flowers.

just wanted to show you my beautiful flowers.
i cut them from my garden.
i have NEVER cut fresh flowers before.
i felt like a real "country" girl.
and, the best part is... my favorite hydrangea bush is so full of beautiful blooms that you can't even tell where i cut them from.

any great tips on fresh flowers?
i LOVE them.


Cluff Chronicles said...

I am absolutely in love with your flowers!!!!! I have fake hydrangeas in my house! Your house looks beautiful! From growing up in a small town, keep a running list of the stuff you really pay a lot more fore and make a trip into the city once a month and stock up big time! I think you will get used to it pretty quickly, maybe that is just because I grew up with it though. I love going back to Beaver because you can't just go to the store and get "stuff" you have to live without it.

valerie in TX said...

Oh my goodness, those hydrangeas are beautiful! My best tip for fresh cut flowers is to put Sprite in the water...it makes them stay pretty longer. :)

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