July 25, 2011

pink curlers.

we did a pink curler night--
and i laugh.
my girls all have hair that is so different.
leah's curls darling.
(leah has six boys in her sunday school class at church- no girls.  they LOVED her, fighting over who got to sit by her and telling her over and over that they really do love her.  one boy said, "You are so beautiful!"  she replied, "I know, i put curlers in my hair."  hah!  that girl...)
lily doesn't have much hair, but it's cute.
ellie's hair does ok if i take it in small chunks.
but, poor anna.
look how many curlers we put in...
 and, this is her hair first thing in the morning...
 cute, but not CURLY.
it was straight by church at 10 am.
i even sprayed each chunk with hairspray thinking that might help...
with 5 girls i think i should take a cosmotology course...

i really, really love being a mother.
and i really love pink curlers.
 ps.  we got invited to dinner last night- a family from church who has SEVEN darling, well mannered BOYS.
seven boys?!!? (oh-- their country home on a mountain, in the forest, with a boy active yard, and big workshop with a swing, and cherry cobbler from their very own cherry trees, and darling chicken coop... to die for.)  i think i want to spend a week following around the sweet mother taking notes so i can be just like her!!
i picked a little mason jar of flowers as a thank you-- cute huh?!


Carrie said...

Jen, with Anna's hair try spraying with a squirt bottle as you roll her hair. Then have her sleep. If they are still wet in the morning I spray with hairspray and dry each roller with a blow dryer. We have had lots of practice with Rylee's hair because it has to be curly for dance. Let me know if it works better. You don't want her hair super wet just squirt with a squirt bottle wet, you usually get a better curl.

jenifer said...

thanks carrie! ok, next time i'm going to try DRY hair, that i spray with a spray bottle... NOT straight out of the tub hair. i'll let you know how it goes!!

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