July 19, 2011


we went for a walk last night.
and, i am in love with oregon.
do you know how many years i have been longing for a place that my kids could just PLAY in nature?
not on a man-made swingset... but with God-made beauty!
this little "park" is just minutes from our house- i can't wait to bring my 3 other kids back here!

we are finding that MOSS grows well in Oregon.
will i ever get used to all this green?

oh... and did i tell you they have ELEPHANT slugs here?
(i made up that name... i think they are really called banana slugs... eww!)
the kids asked "why are slugs so slimy on the outside?"
the professor answered, "because, they are crunchy on the inside."
and can't you just imagine hours of fun at this little creek bed?
and they have RED slugs?!?
and wild cherry trees...
(yes, we ate them and we're not dead yet.)
and real live SNAILS...
no, we can NOT take the snails home... eww.
and all that exploring makes for some pretty tired kids.
(can you even recognize her without her hair?)
Oh, God is good.  Life is BEAUTIFUL!!
ps.  i don't think you need to move to Oregon to see beauty- it's everywhere.
i love this quote...
"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." Marcel Proust


valerie in TX said...

I am SOO jealous! ;) Seriously, it's beautiful there and I'm so happy for you guys. I'm not too sure about that quote, though. Eight months ago, when it used to rain here, I might have agreed, but now everything is just brown and dead and crunchy. Ugh.

And....is that YOUR hand holding that gigantic slug??? EWWWW is right! :)

Shea said...

So glad you made it safe and are loving Oregon!! It is amazingly beautiful!! Good luck getting settled.... we are still living out of suitcases and couch surfing until the middle of August. Nothing like an adventure!!


beckyjune said...

What a beautiful place. We are in Houston right now and the girls were just amazed at all of the trees and water as we were driving. I think that we've been in dry west Texas too long.

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