July 17, 2011

welcome to oregon.

we drove all day and arrived in oregon late.
for days i had been anticipating this arrival.
i had almost cancelled our house rental many times, because i was worried.
our house is BEAUTIFUL and it is nestled on a mountainside with gardens and woods surrounding us.
we have a two story deck on the back of the house that is like extra rooms in the house.
we have neighbors close to us,
but because we are on a mountain, we look over them and can see other mountains in the distance.
my first impression--  WOW!! It is so pretty here.
to the right of our house we have a field with lots of beautiful trees. 
to the left we have a neighbor with dogs and left of them is another field with 3 horses- brown, black and white.
so fun. 
 our back yard is a tiered garden (another reason I was VERY nervous about this house). 
who has tiered gardens with 7 kids?
can i tell you how much i love it?  
when you stand on the deck, you can smell the beautiful flowers.
AND, we have a gardener that comes on Thursday so we don't even have to weed if we don't want. 
There are some big, nasty slugs that we found... hmmm.  Gratefully, i haven't found one in my bed yet!! 

 i still need to take better pictures of the inside. 
it is two stories- 3400 square feet.
it's newish and very pretty.
it is big and very open... and very hard to photograph.
upstairs is the living room with a large fireplace, master bedroom/bath, study, kitchen, laundry room and half bath.
downstairs is a half bath, full bath, kitchenette, two bedrooms, big toy closet under the stairs and a large open area.
we have 5 sliding glass doors (two on top, three on bottom) that open up to the deck.
and lots and lots of beautiful windows.
this home feels so bright and open-- the outside is such a part of the inside.
and, it's beautiful. 

kitchen, dining area.
laundry room.

Sorry I don't have better pictures of the house... my 50mm camera lens doesn't do rooms very well.
We really love Oregon so far.
But, how I miss all of our good friends in Texas.
And... my mind is going to burst with unpacking...  burst I tell you!
setting up a house is HARD work.


Rebekah said...

I am so glad you put some pictures on--I've been so curious. The outside is as pretty as you said and the inside sounds great!

Setting up a house is hard work, I wish I could come do it with you.

beckyjune said...

I bet you love all of that green, huh? There are so many trees over there. What a beautiful home you have with gorgeous surroundings.

Heather said...

can i have your laundry room? I would love a sink, counters, and cupboards! it really is so pretty there. I hope you get lots of sunshine though too. Does it rain a lot there?

Tiffany said...

Mmmm... picturesque!

But did I read that right--do you really only have 3 bedrooms?!?

valerie in TX said...

Wow, SO beautiful! Can you even believe you LIVE there?! Does it seem more like you're only visiting or on vacation (you know, except for all the unpacking ;) ). We are still in the middle of drought and heat wave. Ugh. So happy for you guys!

jenifer said...

yes-- 3 bedrooms. the master and two more. right now we have the baby with us, 4 girls in one room and 2 boys in the other. Cuh-rae-zee!! can't wait for bedtime, right?! the rooms are big and i actually think it's going to be fine... but that is why i've been VERY nervous anticipating this move. they used to have big families and not a lot of bedrooms all the time... right?!

Kacy said...

House looks amazing. So jealous of the beautiful scenery around you. We miss your cute family and hope you are doing well and getting settled.

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